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artistic photography

The photographs taken in the studio are used as a base of the artistic image. I typically begin with a portrait or a nude photograph. The images are printed on a cotton canvas 380g/m2, then placed on a wooden frame and protected by a high quality varnish. The available standard sizes are 60x90cm, 80x120cm and 100x150cm. Nonstandard sizes are available upon request.

For some people photography is just an amusement, work or passion, but in our case at Niebieska cytryna, it is something more. My name is Radosław Kwast, the owner of Niebieska Cytryna. My inspiration comes from observing people and their way of life. I mainly pay attention to psychological and interior aspects of the person. My creations are a mixture of my imagination, reality and a hint of insanity.

occasional photography

Occasional photography captures special occasions like weddings, first communion, family gatherings, etc. We can provide a mobile studio and illumination devices. The offer includes a photoalbum or printouts of the photos on paper or canvas.

Together with Adrianna Łysakowska, we have created a well tuned team. We are well versed in all types of photography, while focusing on professionalism and attention to detail. Working as a team has allowed us to create even the most frenetic ideas which are utilized in all types of photography such as: studio, artistic, occasional and advertising photography.

studio photography

Studio photography or outdoor photography can be pictures in any theme such as portrait, beauty, nude, pregnancy, children, family, etc. Every session includes professional make-up. We can travel to any location if requested.

We work on Nikon D810 D700 D7100, lenses Sigma Art and Nikkor, lighting Quantum.

advertising photography

Advertising pictures or pictures dedicated to the websites, for example images of restaurants, pubs, hotels, offices or factories. Employee pictures , pictures of products (packshots), banners.